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About FactSage software

FactSage© is one of the largest fully integrated database computing systems in chemical thermodynamics in the world and is the  the result of over 20 years of collaborative efforts between Thermfact/CRCT (Montreal, Canada) and GTT-Technologies (Aachen, Germany).

The FactSage package runs on a PC operating under Microsoft Windows® and consists of a series of information, database, calculation and manipulation modules that access various pure substances and solution databases. With several applications in materials science, extractive metallurgy, electrometallurgy, corrosion, glass technology, combustion, ceramics, geology, etc. It is used internationally in graduate and undergraduate teaching and research.

With FactSage you can calculate the conditions for multiphase, multicomponent equilibria, with a wide variety of tabular and graphical output modes, under a large range of constraints. For example, complex heat balances, multicomponent phase diagrams; matte/metal/slag/gas/solid equilibria for industrial systems; predominance and EpH diagrams; the course of equilibrium or non-equilibrium solidification can be followed and so on.

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FactSage family of products
  • FactSage Software: A fully integrated database and computing system in chemical thermodynamics.  Read more.

  • FACT, SGTE and FactSage Databases:  Deltamet can provide assistance to thermodynamic databases for chemical compounds and solutions to use with Fact Sage software  according to customer needs.  For more information on Databases systems and applications. Read more.

  • ChemApp: A thermochemistry library, with the powerful calculation capabilities of the ChemSage Gibbs energy minimizer. Read more.

  • SimuSage: Combining ChemApp with programming environment (e.g. Delphi) with a graphical user interface for process simulation. Read more.

  • ChemSheet: Multiphase thermodynamic calculations in an Excel spreadsheet (by using an Add-in). Read more.

  • KilnSimu: Is a standalone software that can be used for thermodynamic modelling rotary drum furnaces. Read more.

  • FactSage-TEACH: All new users of FactSage, and all users who have a current maintenance and support contract, will receive a free copy of FactSage-TEACH. See content here.


A free ‘Self-Tutorial’  training component (FactSage TEACH) comes with all FactSage packages, version 6.3 and up. Some features can be used trough the Fact-Web access.


Customized courses for training (on site or online) can be arranged on a ‘fee for service’ basis upon request.

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