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  • Multivariable analysis of data from plant operations, experimental test, piloting and plant trials, for improvement of current process and developing new process

  • Elaboration of heat and mass balance for pyro metallurgical process and gas treatment plants using METSIM software 

  • Improvement or modifications of the existing plant flow-sheet model, also development of models for process concept and developing new process

  • Support in training operators and process improvement programs at the plants

  • Design and supervision of laboratory work and plant test and results analysis

  • Availability to go on site to define scope of work and collect the required data

  • Contact with laboratories (private and universities) in mineral processing and extractive metallurgy in Canada, Chile and Colombia

  • Updated licences of METSIM (flowsheet modeling) and FactSage (thermodynamic package) software

  • Authorized Thermfact agent for Latin-America since Dec. 2014.

Consulting experience and research interest
  • Copper smelting and recycling

  • FeNi production (pyrometallurgy)

  • Slag chemistry

  • Aluminothermic reduction

  • Sulfides self heating

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